What's is myTank?

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Finalist : Best Breakthrough Developer

The myTank fuel app helps you find the cheapest diesel nearby and discover the best fuel rewards and fuel loyalty programs in South Africa.

Mytank offers a simple, like for like calculation on the various fuel rewards programs so it is easy to compare the different loyalty options and have a simple estimate of what actual savings you can expect when filling up your tank.

Whether you use Discovery Bank, eBucks or Pick n Pay Smartshopper, or just want to see what you would earn if you signed up for uCount or Sanlam Rewards – myTank offers a single, simple to understand fuel rewards comparison.

MyTank also shows the best diesel price nearest to you for all fuel stations that choose to list their diesel price. MyTank will also display an accurate estimate of how much it would cost to fill your vehicle at fuel stations that don’t list their diesel price and also factors in the cost of driving to each fuel station and determines the best fuel rewards program to use based on the overall ‘effective cost’ of filling up.

MyTank is a free app for all users who want to find the best fuel prices and best fuel rewards in South Africa. Fuel stations can choose to subscribe and list all their details, prices, facilities and restaurants from as little as R29 / month.

MyTank is currently available on the Play Store and can be added to your home screen directly from Safari on an iPhone. The web app also works from any device and any browser.

Here is what the press has to say about myTank

As petrol and diesel prices have soared in recent months, a South African tech tool can help drivers find the best deals on fuel to help mitigate the damage on their pockets.

The myTank app can help consumers save as much as possible at the pump by identifying the cheapest stations to refill at in an area.

A recently-launched online app in South Africa shows motorists which fuel stations they should use for the cheapest refills and best cash-back rewards from their banking and other fuel rewards programmes.

By adding the rewards section, the app has also become relevant to petrol buyers that pay the same, regulated retail price for their fuel within the same areas, but might get wildly varying cash-back rewards depending on the stations they use.

Given the high cost of fuel throughout 2022, a Cape Town resident developed an app called MyTank to help South Africans find the best value for money when filling up their vehicles.


We also checked various other smaller cities and towns around the country and found they had plenty of stations mapped

The service provides users with what it would cost to fill a 55-litre tank at any given location, and registering an account will also allow you to adjust this calculation for your specific tank size.

The calculations even factor in the cost of fuel that would be used to drive to a selected station based on the user’s current location.

 A locally developed app named MyTank, enables users to calculate fuel prices and the best rewards has recently emerged and has proven to be valuable to motorists of Mzansi.

 The app allows users to choose between the petrol and diesel price per litre or the price to fill up an entire tank and can also have the app deduct the value they earn from their rewards programme from refuelling costs.

Finding a half-decent petrol station can be a pain. You’re not sure what the bathroom situation is, whether there’s a Wimpy restaurant nearby and most importantly, the price of diesel. Well, myTank is a local app that hopes to put an end to all that and save you as much fuel money as it can.

myTank offers more customization than other apps offering a similar service, making it especially handy for those going on any long-distance journeys.

We talk with John Perlman @702 about myTank,how it works and what the benefits are for petrol and diesel users.

 Pain at the pumps? myTank app helps you save money on fuel – the app is all about being clever at the pumps. Here’s how…

The principle of the app is to provide value to all users, whether that be through finding the best rewards program, better diesel prices or finding the facilities they are looking for on a road trip.


This is the app millions of us have all been waiting for. The developers behind ‘MyTank’ could save the motorists of Mzansi some serious dosh during these times of high fuel prices. The app, which can either be downloaded to your phone or used via browser, has set tongues wagging.

The tool is SUPER user-friendly, as well. By creating an account, the service works on a more personalised basis. However, you can also learn a lot from having a quick browse around…

It also calculates the cost of driving to each service station so the user can effectively see the best value place/s to fill up. Fuel stations – should they wish to subscribe – can set all their details, ie amenities, facilities, ATMs, restaurants, loadshedding status and diesel price as well as advertise their specials and promotions.
This new free App shows the best fuel prices, the closest fuel stations and displays cashback from fuel rewards programs!

Founder of MyTank talks about a recently-launched online app in South Africa that shows motorists which fuel stations they should use for the cheapest refills and best cash-back rewards from their banking and other fuel rewards programmes.