Laptop and mobile showing the mytank web app

Why list your fuel station?

These days customers want to get the best value when filling up their tank. Anyone with a mobile device or computer will be able to easily search nearby and make a choice based on price, location, facilities or loyalty programs.

As a subscriber you have control of your own listing and you can update your price, facilities and info easily from any device at any time. 

We don’t have generic listings of every service station. Instead we ensure that we are providing an accurate and curated set of results for users. Other price comparison website and map providers have thousands of generic listings that can be overwhelming, inaccurate and out of date.

Full control of your listing

You can update your diesel price as often as you like from any device.

With a premium account a promotional image can by uploaded to your listing, or a promotional message displayed to get your message out to customers.

You can upgrade / downgrade or cancel at any time. 

Example showing fuel station owner updating the diesel price per litre on mytank app
Example of a basic listing for a fuel station on mytank showing the diesel price and fuel rewards
Standard listing for a fuel station on mytank showing ATMs, directions and restaurants and coffeeshops at the petrol station
Premium fuel station listing on mytank fuel app showing loyalty rewards, forecourt promotions and fuel station facilities

What you get with a subscription

All subscription plans allow you to list your address, oil company and price.

Standard subscriptions also allow you to display your facilities e.g. (ATMs, restaurants, loadshedding status) and allow a user to click for directions via Google maps.

Premium plans allow you to display promotional images and text, customised facilities, contact information and trading hours as well as receiving a quarterly report of users search patterns and most searched areas (in case you are planning to open more stores) and a simple reminder to update your price if you haven’t done so in over 30 days.

See what each plan offers or view our FAQs for more info.



per month

billed annually



per month

billed annually



per month

billed annually

Basic Standard Premium
per month (billed annually) R29/month

billed annually


billed annually


billed annually

Your store address in search results
Your diesel price in search results
Change diesel price from your login
Your location shown on the map
Directions & distance to your store
Display your phone number
List your ATMs
List your store's facilities
Show Halaal Certification
Show if not affected by Loadshedding
Display any extra facilities / info
Show your trading hours
Display contact info (website, email)
Advertise your store's promotions
Link to your store's website
Shareable link for your site on myTank​
Custom map marker (icon)
Highlight your store in the results
Reminder to update price per litre
Report on users search data

Install the Web App in your iPhone/iPad:

  1. Click on in the tab bar
  2. Scroll and select Add to Home Screen
  3. Look for myTank on your homescreen