Frequently Asked Questions

What is mytank?

MyTank lets you get the most value out of your fuel tank. It allows you to find the best priced fuel, the closest fuel stations, know the cost of filling up your tank and view the expected loyalty rewards from participating programs. You can also find info on the ATMS, facilities, restaurants and more to make your journey easier.
Drivers / users

A price per litre is only displayed in the top of the results if the store owner has updated it since the last price announcement (first Wednesday of the month).

If the price has not yet been updated you will see a red warning icon with the number of days since it was last updated and the fuel station will only appear at the bottom of the results (i.e below all the fuel stations that have current pricing even if those prices are high).

Once you have set your tank size in the settings – we can calculate how much your rewards will be based on the specific rewards programs parameters.

Rewards program are calculated differently i.e some calculate rewards from litres used, others from your total spend, and some have a maximum cash back per month. All this is factored into the calculation to give you the most accurate results possible.


There is an official Android app, and on iOS you can install the PWA (progressive web app) which runs in a Safari browser tab – follow the prompts on the app page.

A PWA gives you a native app like experience – you can launch the app from your app drawer in full screen mode. You will need an active internet connection to use the app / web app.

If you want to see the rewards calculations and the cost of a tank we need to save these details for your next visit – we won’t use your details for any other reason.

We can only return the fuel stations close to you if we know where you are. If you don’t want to enable location access you can still use the search bar to search by postcode or your street address. MyTank runs in a web app so does not access your location when you leave the page.

The web app runs in Safari, so you may need to allow location access in Safari.

Go to iOS Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Safari Websites and allow location access. You will need to refresh the myTank page in order for the location access prompt to show again.

You can request to have your account and all your data deleted my mailing us at

No, your store may be listed on the app, but it will just be the name and location on the map – users will not see your fuel prices or any amenities and they wont be able to navigate to your location. 

One you have subscribed you will able able to easily update your price from the Owners Dashboard. Its a single click and you can update it from any device at any time.

You may wish not to display your diesel price, but you can still benefit from all the other features of the listings.

Your fuel station will still display as normal for all petrol users and for diesel users you will display below those listings with active prices.

Yes – you can cancel, downgrade or upgrade your listing at anytime. Your subscription will be cancelled / adjusted at the next billing cycle.

With todays fuel prices consumers want to be aware of prices and rewards programs.
Creating a listing will give your fuel station full visibility and allow consumers to make informed decisions.

Yes. The Premium Subscription allows you to upload your own promotional images, add your own custom text and any non standard facilities to your listing.

If you have any questions that aren’t answered below please get in touch and we will gladly assist you.


Install the Web App in your iPhone/iPad:

  1. Click on in the tab bar
  2. Scroll and select Add to Home Screen
  3. Look for myTank on your homescreen