We do not allow the public to update prices - only the owner / authorised manager can claim and update the pricing and details on a listing.

This is to ensure accuracy and control over your diesel price and facilities.

You will need to complete a payment for the listing before you are able to update your price / details.

As the owner / manager you can take full control of your listing, edit your fuel price and your sites details.

Subscriptions are billed annually for the 12 months - you can cancel anytime with us or directly with Paystack.

    If you can't find your fuel station in the current listings, send us a mail with the details and we will load it for you.

    After your payment is processed you will be redirected to the Owners Dashboard where you can edit your fuel station's details


    Install the Web App in your iPhone/iPad:

    1. Click on in the tab bar
    2. Scroll and select Add to Home Screen
    3. Look for myTank on your homescreen